ABYSSAL TECHNOLOGIES - Projects - Blower Impeller FEA and CFD


A blower impeller fan is a mechanical device for moving air and gas by using centrifugal method. These fans increase the speed of air stream with the rotating impellers. Objective of the project was to check the flow inside the blower and map the pressure of the fluid onto the structure of the impeller and then evaluate possible causes of the failure.


Abyssal Technologies scope was to perform Computational Fluid Dynamics coupled with Structural analysis for a blower impeller and then evaluate the structural stresses inside it. The study was done in two stages. The fluid flow inside the blower was analysed using CFD in the Stage-1, whereas structural analysis was carried out in Stage-2.

- For Stage-1, the CFD analysis was performed using ANSYS and post-processing was carried out using ANSYS CFD Post.

- For Stage-2, the FEA analysis and post-processing was performed using the general purpose finite element software ANSYS.