Capability - Miscellaneous Work

MTO Development and Costing
  • » Steel tonnage and C.G. location
  • » Material list, cost estimate and weight control reports
  • » Weld volume requirements and cost
Brownfield Projects
  • » Modification and redesign of existing facilities
  • » Upgrade of existing facility
  • » Laser scanning to build 3D model of existing structure
Lifting and Installation
  • » Lift analysis and design of bumpers and guides
Site Surveys
  • » A range of survey capabilities including as-built, site condition prior to Brownfield design or remedial works.
  • » Transportation fastening for equipment and structures by sea, rail, road or air, including grillage, lifting frames
Independent Design Verification
  • » Independent verification of third party, designs offering verification of design compliance, adherence to regulatory specifications and suitability of concept prior to detailing